Our business owner clients most often seek a resilient, purposeful plan for leadership, capital, and business succession. Some clients wish to scale their businesses by attracting and retaining great talent. Some clients wish to create a high performance organization with increased value for themselves, co-owners, executives, and employees. Yet others wish to have a flexible capital structure enabling maximum business succession options (perpetual, passive, co-ownership, business exit, etc.). Some clients wish to manage their wealth across generations and ensure they are not going to interfere with the fostering of productive lives for their children. In short, our clients are seeking resilient designs, healthy coordination, and enduring empowerment across many different stakeholders within and outside of their business.

BOLD Value is a service line founded and led by Mark Bronfman.  We bring a group of carefully chosen advisors selected from within Sagemark Consulting to work with us as a team on client projects. As a team, we bring expertise in business owner planning, corporate benefits planning, capital structure planning, business succession and personal investment, retirement, and estate and charitable planning.

Sagemark Consulting is a division of Lincoln Financial Advisors, one of the country’s largest independent broker/dealers. Sagemark Consulting has been providing financial planning and consulting services to business owners for decades.

Synthetic equity is an executive compensation tactic that grants an executive the right to a defined amount of enterprise value as an incentive for certain performance. Ever since FAS 123r and 409A came into effect, synthetic equity solutions have been one of the best options for satisfying owners’ objectives with little or no impact on company capital structure. Synthetic equity can be a critical tactic in achieving high performance for privately held businesses.

We often phase our projects, separating the conceptual design and feasibility study from the detailed design phase and from the implementation phase. Typically each phase takes approximately one month. We do not have set planning fees; the fee is customized to address the individual client’s needs.

Sagemark Consulting does not provide legal or tax advice and we do not draft legal documents. We provide holistic and detailed business owner planning advice.  We often coordinate with some of the country’s finest law and accounting firms on innovative solutions to business owner needs.

Our process is specifically designed around Resilient Capital Planning, meaning that we often use multiple custom financial models to test your plan across various different scenarios and assumptions.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve their objectives and expand the range of planning options. Mark Bronfman and other key team members have led strategic scenario plans on behalf of multinational and small businesses alike.

We work with privately-held businesses, partnerships, and public companies that have a strong desire to improve their approach to leadership, capital, and business succession. Our process is best tailored to companies having from $25 million to $2 billion in sales located in the greater Washington, D.C. area. The vast majority of our clients are introduced to us by their owners’ trusted advisors, such as other business owners, CPAs, attorneys, board members, M&A firms, bankers, and compensation consulting firms.

We are compensated in three ways. We charge a financial planning fee for our work. Secondly, we help clients implement their plan, which may include the use of financial products or services such as funding for deferred compensation plans, corporate benefits and 401(k) arrangements, corporate owned life insurance policy placement, and investment management. Third, we are compensated through the goodwill of our clients and their advisors who introduce us to other business owners who can benefit from our service offerings. We pride ourselves on  a “Serve First” philosophy– putting our clients’ needs first, last and always.