2023 Year-end Summary to clients, partners and friends

Strategic Incentives - Leadership, Ownership, Stewardship
Leadership - How Do We Scale
  • Long Term Incentive Plans
  • Synthetic Equity
  • Change in Control Bonus Plans
  • Nonqualified Deferred Comp

  • Qualified/401(k) Plans

Ownership - How to Be Resilient
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Entity/Ownership Structure
  • Profits Interest
  • Restricted Stock & Options
  • Sales to Insiders/ESOP
Stewardship - How to Harvest
  • Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate/Charitable Strategies
  • Risk Management

  • Investment Planning

We Are Proud to Share Two of our High-Impact Assignments for 2023

Advancing a PE roll-up strategy

Two partners of a tech savvy private equity (“PE”) firm acquired complementary businesses. Then, the PE realized that unequal contributions to the respective qualified plans put the entire roll-up at severe risk.

  • We explained to the PE the obscure math of ERISA non-discrimination testing rules and the consequence of testing failures.
  • We explored the IRS limits on the maximum “disparity” related to profit sharing contributions attributable to highly and non-highly compensated employees.
  • An arcane problem required an arcane solution, namely the rarely used Qualified Second Line of Business (“QSLOB”) strategy across the qualified plans.

RESULT | The roll-up is back on right track

Nuanced Incentive for a complicated situation

A $100M healthcare tech firm was facing significant risk of talent drain post-Covid. Industry norm bonuses and incentives threatened the firms’ financial health and possible reduced return for shareholders.

  • Navigating a delicate human capital company history, we helped identify key “metrics that matter” along with a tracking mechanism over a pivotal strategic period.
  • Our custom scenario modeling was instrumental in crafting a “share the upside” nuanced synthetic equity solution tied to metric-driven sizing and payout flexibility.
  • The design offered a significant pay for growth with self-correction for owner protection against surprises. Key talent was empowered for massive growth opportunities.

RESULT | Balanced incentive for peak
performance and shareholder return

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