Purpose-Built Capital Solutions

Solutions are only true solutions if they work for the executive in the business domain and people in the personal domain. Purpose-built capital solutions combine to provide many benefits, such as to serve as a talent magnet, motivate owners and executives, energize enterprise growth strategies, strengthen the balance sheet, enable succession, and empower owners and key executives to achieve their personal planning objectives.  See our solutions in action in the accompanying video.

High Performance Succession


Through our work, clients often implement solutions as a fundamental catalyst for change.  These solutions often include:

Five Areas of Purpose-Built Capital Solutions


Synthetic Equity & Executive Incentive Plans

  • Synthetic Equity – Simulated equity pay-for-performance incentives for key employees and co-owners ranging from traditional phantom stock /SARs plans to custom synthetic buy-ins, sweeteners for subordinated debt holders, and carve out plans
  • Change in Control Bonus Plans – Formal or informal value sharing incentive plans triggered following a change in control; used in connection with an initial sale, private equity “sell the business twice” designs, management buy-outs or ESOPs, and partial liquidity events
  • Equity Incentive Plans – True equity plans such as employee stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, profits interests in LLC, and other transfer of “property” to key employees and co-owners
  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation – “Top-Hat” deferral plans for senior executives within DOL guidelines across both employer contribution plans and voluntary employee deferral plans.
  • Special use plans – Tailored plans designed around the specific needs of the business and/or the executive’s performance-based unlock plans such as ESOPs, profit sharing, golden parachute, incentive bonus, split-dollar bonus, and mirror LLC plans in an S corp
  • Metrics that Matter - Key business performance metrics integrated with long term reward incentive solutions (e.g., metrics around quantity, quality, efficiency, and repeatability of profit)

Qualified Plans & Corporate Benefits

  • 401(k) Retirement Plans – Strategy, education, investment design, service and coordination of administration around corporate 401(k) plans, especially for companies seeking to use their 401(k)s as critical assets for retaining and recruiting talent
  • Tailored Qualified Plans - Leveraged tax-advantaged qualified profit sharing plans, cash balance, and special match programs for 401(k) retirement plans targeted at key talent groups in the “war for talent"
  • ESOPs – Employee stock ownership plans used in connection with owner liquidity events and tailored to the specific employee base in the company (across public and private companies as well as certain partnerships)
  • Group Benefits – Tailored custom benefits solutions in areas such as supplemental life insurance, group or individual long term care, health and medical, long term disability, and incentive bonus plans

Ownership and Capital Structure

  • Buy-Sell Planning – Structuring intentional as well as unpredictable transfers of ownership among shareholders. Plan for liquidity to enable these equitable ownership transfers 
  • Sell·Pay·Convey® – Delivering the Art of Equity Transfer by combining innovative equity models including restricted stock, hybrid loans, profits interests, synthetic equity and zero cost transfers of equity
  • Corporate and Tax Structure – Exploring ownership structure (C, S, LLC, Tiered LLC) and corresponding tax structure for book and tax reporting (conducted in collaboration with legal and tax advisors)
  • Succession Strategies – Holistically evaluating financial and human capital implications of  business exit strategies for change of leadership and/or change of control, typically considering a two to seven year “runway” for key leaders & owners
  • Business Growth Capital - Considering needs and funding sources for business capital consistent with business scenarios and risk mitigation techniques (e.g., liquidity, diversification, shareholders agreements, structure)
  • Risk Management - Exploring insurance strategies. Life insurance to support business continuation objectives related to personal, business, shareholder, and executive compensation requirements

Investment Planning

  • Investment Planning in Business Domain – Identify solutions  for capital for owner buy-out and enterprise repurchase obligations and for timed executive compensation payouts; management of “shock absorber capital”; sinking funds for mergers and acquisitions; improved access to capital at lower costs
  • Investment Strategies - Craft, implement, and manage an investment policy and investments consistent with changing financial objectives throutgh portfolio stress testing and management
  • Retirement Planning – Plan for lifetime income to fund financial independence for retirement, survivorship, legacy gifts, and business investments
  • Asset Protection – Integrate asset control (“asset location”) and ownership strategies to assure assets are preserved for the long term
  • Liquidity Planning – Controlled conversion of business assets to personal assets in a tax efficient manner. 

Tax Reduction Strategies & Value Continuation Planning

  • Business Continuity – Coordinate business structure, succession, liquidity, and tax strategies in the context of capital succession and leadership succession
  • Estate Preservation – Design estate distribution, creditor protection, estate liquidity, and survivorship planning in the context of concentrated business ownership
  • Charitable Planning – Maximize the tax, personal, and business value of philanthropic gifts. Leverage family foundation solutions to foster multigenerational family values
  • Income Tax Minimization for Business Owners – Strategize to enhance deductions (e.g., real estate), divert and defer income (e.g., change of accounting method), and convert ordinary income at high tax rates to improved lower or no tax status (e.g., munis, life insurance)


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