Executive Compensation: Incentives

Successful business starts with the quest for high performance.  Accordingly, our BOLD Value process starts with executive compensation programs intended to attract, reward and retain key leaders to achieve long term high performance.  These incentive programs reward the most important roles in an enterprise:   inspiring others, developing talent, maintaining truly distinctive capabilities, and allocating resources to the most relevant markets over time.

See example executive compensation solutions in the accompanying video:

Value Architecture


Executive compensation plans in privately-held, middle market companies need to be carefully designed to do a lot more than just serve as a catalyst for high performance Incentive programs must:

  • Truly motivate for companies on the runway to both a change of control and change of leadership;
  • Optimize cash resources (especially for equity denominated awards);
  • Anticipate the evolving capital structure;
  • Empower succession;
  • Reduce tax costs for both the company and the executives; and
  • Sync up with the personal estate planning decisions of the ownership group.

We design and implement executive compensation solutions intended to achieve high performance growth and high performance succession. We apply a wide lens to our work, considering plans as broad as: 

  • Equity and profit denominated plans such as restricted stock, synthetic equity, and profit appreciation bonus plans;
  • Tax qualified plans such as 401(k)s, profit sharing plans, and ESOPs
  • Special-use plans from golden parachutes to spillover plans.